Who We Are

Englewood Christian Church is an independent non-denominational Christian church that has been in the Greater Englewood/Southside area of Jacksonville, Florida, since 1958. We have experienced the love of God and the saving grace of His Son, Jesus, and we would love to share that good news with you. Being a Christian church means this:

- We want this to be Christ's church.
- Everyone is welcome here to find out what the Bible says.
- All who come to our worship and study times will be welcomed and encouraged.

Here is a bit of our history:

In 1958, a group of Christians from the North Shore Christian Church in Jacksonville, FL, who had moved to the south side of Jacksonville and who were encouraged by the brothers and sisters at North Shore, began meeting in the Englewood area of town. Those early founding members of the congregation were also assisted by The Plea Foundation. The Englewood Christian Church met for the first time on September 7, 1958. A church planter, Delmar Debault, supported by the few Florida Christian Churches that were in existence at the time, preached and worked with the group for the agreed time period of one year.

On September 1, 1959, the church hired their first full time preacher, Fred Smith, Jr., who came from Illinois with his wife, Madonna. Under their thirty-seven years of leadership, until Fred retired on September 1, 1996, the Englewood congregation made a Kingdom impact on Florida and around the world. Englewood has helped start thirteen churches, the North Florida Christian Service Camp, and spear-headed the beginning of Florida Christian College. Also, through a Faith Promise Missions program, Englewood has given about $4,750,000 to missions since March, 1964. The current preacher, Kenneth J. Gemeinhart, is only the second full time preacher in the history of the church, beginning his tenure on September 1, 1996.

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