Core 52 Chapter 25 - The Supernatural
on February 25th, 2020
I can hear it in my mind now, “Angels and Demons and Hell, Oh my! Angels and Demons and Hell, Oh my!” The soft chant of confusion, discontent and distraction that usually accompanies any discussion of the supernatural.  This is usually followed by references to fictional TV shows, comic books or other works of fiction that easily flood our mind with what we or others think when it comes to such be...  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 24 - Election and Predestination
on February 18th, 2020
Turning the page in my CORE 52 book this week led me to slightly gasp as I read the title, “Election and Predestination.”  There was a bit of excitement and yet, at the same time, a bit of nervousness.  The topic of Election and Predestination has been a dividing point, or according to some, “a hill worth dying on,” for more than several centuries. It really came to a tumult in the 16th century wi...  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 23 - The Cross
on February 11th, 2020
The Walking Dead has been a hit TV show for several years running.  It is set in a dystopian post-Apocalyptic world slowly being taken over by zombies.  I know many people who gather together on a weekly basis for “watch parties,” so they can enjoy the show together.  It has even spawned a second spin off show and has the full arsenal of accessories – action figures, trading cards, T-shirts, video...  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 22 - Justice Served
on February 4th, 2020
In the movie The Princess Bride, one of the film’s McGuffins is a phrase spoken by Inigo Montoya – a phrase by which the initial story is driven forward. Inigo is on a desperate journey to right the wrong of his father’s murder by a mysterious man with six fingers on his left hand. Inigo’s approach to righting this wrong is to hunt down the six-fingered man who killed his father and return to the ...  Read More
Core 52: Chapter 21 - Money
on January 28th, 2020
When I was a kid, I remember on occasion my grandfather, who lived up in New York, making his way to Florida for work and also making a little time to see his grandkids while he was here.  I remember on one occasion when he took my cousins, Doug and Jennifer, and myself, out to dinner and then we went to an arcade to play some games.  Now, remember the timeline I’m working on and maybe you can rel...  Read More
Core 52: Chapter 20 - You are...
on January 21st, 2020
I remember in the mid 90s a new praise song I heard at camp. It was the really cool, yet simple song that was sung in an echo pattern (one group sings a line, the second group echoes the same thing), then a unison pattern (everyone singing the same thing together and a final portion of the song “in the round (two groups singing two different sets of lyrics at the same time, then ending in unison t...  Read More
CORE 52 - Chapter 19 - Just Beneath the Surface
on January 13th, 2020
Just Beneath the SurfaceI remember a while back I was cleaning out my car and happened upon an insulated cup I had once used quite often.  Apparently, I had left it in the car and it had somehow made its way to the trunk/storage area (I drive a MINI – that space in the back cannot really be considered “trunk” space) and something had covered it up.  Well, fast forward to the time when I located it...  Read More
CORE 52 - Chapter 18: Play-dough and Purpose
on January 7th, 2020
Today is the first entry in the ECC Staff Blog page.  The purpose of our blog is to further the connection between our church staff and the ECC faith community. We want to use this to share our thoughts, pass along teaching, engage in conversation, encourage accountability and foster deeper discipleship.  For the time being, these weekly blogs will focus on our journey through CORE 52 by Mark Moor...  Read More