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Core 52 - Chapter 26: Our Co-Mission

As a baseball fan, one of the most beautiful things to see on a baseball diamond is a quickly and smoothly turned double play. The most common version of this play (2 outs achieved off of one ball hit in play) is a ground ball to the second baseman or shortstop, who then throws/flips the ball to the player covering second base who then, after tagging the base, throws quickly to first base before the batter gets there. Bang! Bang! Bang! – Double play!!

In this week’s essay, I think Mark Moore has two great takeaways from his discussion about the Great Commission.  If we were to take these two principles and live by them, we could really make a “double play” against the enemy.

The first was in relation to our call to help other believers in their walk with Christ, or in other words, discipleship.  This can be in a focused mentoring relationship or even in a less specific yet purposeful way.  Mr. Moore summed up this call to disciple by saying, “Wherever God places you, your purpose is clear: to help at least one person take at least one step toward God and others.”  I think sometimes we can overwhelm ourselves with the thought of trying to have a conversation about Jesus with someone that leads them into a life changing relationship at that very moment.  I know this can happen, but more times than not, it doesn’t happen this way.  I like Mr. Moore’s encouraging take on this aspect of discipleship. Yes, of course we want to make disciples, but don’t discourage yourself when you don’t mentor the next Billy Graham at your workplace. Instead, be encouraged by being faithful to this simple and measurable plea: one person each day taking one step at a time toward Christ. Every life changing relationship starts with someone’s first step in that direction.  You may be able to help them with a second step the next day or maybe even help them to the level of an all-out sprint towards Jesus, but then again, maybe that role is reserved for someone else.  Like Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3:6, “6 I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” Even Paul didn’t get to see everyone finish the race or come to Christ, but he knew God would be faithful to his – and Apollos’ – discipleship efforts and I think we should do the same!  One person, one step closer each day!

The second part of this “double play” is the clear reminder of our responsibility when it comes to evangelism and discipleship. Mark Moore cleverly summarized our responsibility relating to the Great Commission as “from the moment we drip dry in the baptistery until we cross the threshold of eternity, our commission – our partnership with God – is to make Jesus famous.” May all we say and do bring glory to God and honor Christ. In all our efforts to evangelize the lost and disciple the saved, let all praise and recognition be directed toward the only one who deserves it, Jesus Christ.

There have been many great “double play duos” throughout the history of baseball – I’m partial to Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker from my beloved Detroit Tigers in the mid 1980s – but I think they all pale in comparison to the great double play duo of evangelism and discipleship revealed to us in the Great Commission.

Let’s “turn two” against our enemy by helping one person get one step close to Christ each day and while doing so, make Jesus famous with all we say and do!

- Pete Ramsey