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Core52 - Chapter 27 - The Gospel

There are three moments in my life that stand out firmly in my memory as when someone shared “good news” with me.  The first was over a cell phone while I was walking down the sidewalk in front of ECC when my wife shared the good news that she was pregnant with our first son, Jared. The second time was when the voice of our daughter’s birthmother conveyed to us her desire for us to raise her child. The third time was when my wife once again informed me of her status of being “with child.”

There are many times in life when I have heard good news, but most parents would gladly agree that the moments when they first heard of the impending arrival of their offspring, it was certainly great news. Another aspect of this type of news (news of the arrival of children) is the life change that is guaranteed to take place as a result of this news.  Again, any parent can testify to the vast amount of life change which occurs as a direct result of hearing the good news of children arriving soon!

This week, as we talk about the even greater “good news” of the gospel of Jesus Christ – both the narrative story of His life AND the life changing salvation provided by His life – we can see how there is an even greater life change than having children which goes on in the lives of those who hear, believe and obey this good news.

Take a moment to reflect back on your life to a time prior to hearing the good news.  Think of the direction you were going, the plans you had made, the solutions for crisis you may have put in place, the failed attempts at healing you put yourself through, the broken relationships built on compromise and emotion. Now think of the life change you have gone through because of Christ. The forgiveness that erases your record of wrong, the hope that gives you reason to live, the love that overcomes all your shortcomings, the wisdom that leads you down a straight path and the peace that provides healing for your broken heart. Aren’t you glad you heard the good news?

Maybe for some of you, you never had to experience the trauma of self-inflicted brokenness or self-inflated false hopes and dreams. Maybe you never had to experience heartache and defeat outside of Christ. Maybe you never had to experience utter despair and loneliness resulting from the self-guided attempts at finding worth and value in the vices and pleasures of this world. If this is you, then say a prayer of thankfulness and gratitude to those who raised you up surrounded by this good news.  Take a moment to thank your parents, grandparents, siblings, or other family members or guardians who raised you in an environment flooded with the good news of the life changing hope and love of Jesus Christ.

May you hear lots of good news today, but may you never forget the good news of Jesus and the hope and rescue it provides for us all.