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How Much Longer Lord?

How much longer, Lord?

For many of us, we have been social distancing for several weeks, which may feel more like several months.

To hear that we must now distance ourselves from large groups of people for at least another 30 days feels like a big punch in the gut.  How much longer will our lives be in the strange state?

There are many instances in the Bible where people had to wait, they would cry out to God for mercy, or deliverance and God would reply with a gentle “wait”.

Waiting is not easy for me. When I am at a restaurant and the “Wait time” is more than 10 minutes, I start to get Hangry, you know, the mix between Hungry and Angry. If I have to wait more than 30 minutes for a ride at an amusement park I start to second guess my desire to ride the ride and sometimes I just go and get a tasty treat instead.

Sometimes when God calls me to wait, I find it nearly impossible. I often find myself jumping in front of Him, you know, to try to “Help Him Along”,  as if  He needs my help.

During this waiting time, how can we Honor God?

What are you doing today to Honor God while you wait for life to return back to normal?

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