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What does hope look like: A Ram

I have always loved surprises. On my 16th birthday, my parents surprised me with an amazing party. My proposal was, of course, a surprise and having a third baby came as a surprise as well. I just LOVE surprises.

Well, I love most surprises.

I didn't like pop quizzes in school.  I don’t love surprise bills, or surprise visitors when my house is a wreck, and I haven’t showered in days.

In Genesis, we meet Abraham. He and his wife got the surprise of a lifetime when he found of that his wife Sara, was going to have a baby after so many long years. He was also surprised when his baby grow up and God told him to go and sacrifice his only son.

But Abraham and his son, Isaac, were in for a huge surprise when they saw the ram, that God provided, in the bushes.

Although Abraham was scared, he was faithful, and through his faithfulness he was able to be surprised by God. He was able to receive hope, even in the scariest of circumstances.

God provides, even when we don’t know how He’s going to do it. He Provided a ram for Abraham, He will provide for you too. You can trust Him today!