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What Does Hope Look Like: The Cross

What Does Hope Look Like: The Cross

The cross is much more than a piece of jewelry to be worn around your neck or something to hang on a wall. The cross is a symbol of the greatest love story known to man.

The band, "We are Messengers" released a song titled  I Look up.  The lyric's go like this. 

I live my life in the valley
 It keeps my eyes on you
 I stay broken in the valley
 Yeah that's what valley's do
 If I wanna catch a glimpse of something bigger than me
 I have to look up and when I look up

 I see that love is a man hanging on a tree
 With his heart poured out for me
 Love is a king watching over me
 And when I look up
 He's all I see
 He's all I see

You can listen to the song in its entirety here:  

The Cross tells the story of Perfection, willingly trading places with the imperfect.

A story of struggle, loneliness and separation.

A Story of beautiful redemption and reconciliation.

Love, Hope, and Forgiveness come only through Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for our sins!

Today and everyday, let's remember our perfect Savior, Jesus and His Perfect love for us!