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Washing Feet

Feet are just plain weird.
They come in all shapes and sizes and... smells.
Some feet are rough and some are smooth.
But the one thing that all feet have in common is, that they are a necessary part of the body!

Without feet ( and toes) we wouldn't be able to balance or stand. Feet take us where we want to go. They allow us to run, jump, walk, kick a ball. There is nothing like feeling the sand between your toes. Awe, how I miss the beach.

Back in Bible times, feet were probably the grossest part of the body. The roads were dusty and dirty and let's just say, probably not all that sanitary.

However, even in the middle of the dust and dirt and nastiness, Jesus, washed His disciples feet. The God of Heaven and Earth, knelt down and served, when He should have been the one being served.

What an amazing example of servanthood, love and sacrifice.

How can we serve others today? Maybe it's as simple as a phone call, or making a meal. Or maybe it's actually getting out and getting your hands dirty.

Whatever way the spirit leads, follow. You won't regret it!  

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