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Changing your clothes is necessary.
Changing your hair style can be scary.
Changing the way that you think, feel and act is often uncomfortable- awkward.

In an effort to being some excitment to our new homeschool routine,  we purchased a butterfly garden and over the past several weeks my family and I have been observing little caterpillars. They ate and ate and ate and then finally they went into a chrysalis state.

Did you know that butterflies aren't just caterpillars with wings, they are a completely new species. They transform their body completely. In their chrysalis they liquify and when they emerge, they are big, beautiful strong, winged insects.

Check out this cool Youtube video

It's amazing to think that our God, the God who can transform a caterpillar to a butterfly can change our hearts, soul and mind too, if we allow Him to!

How is God transforming you today?