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You are Safe!

You are safe. 
My girls love to play tag, it doesn't matter were we are, whether it's the park, the backyard or the school playground.

If I am there, I end up as "base."

The girls know that when they run and cling onto my leg and then others can't tag them. When they are near me they are able to catch their breathe and rest for a minute or two before getting back into the game.

When they are on base, they know that they are safe. 

If we are honest with ourselves, we all need a time out, a moment or two on base. Life can be hard, there are troubles that are sometimes too much for us to handle on our own.

Thank God for His protection. He is our stronghold. Our Base when we need a rest from the storms.

Run to God today, He is there and strong enough for you to cling onto!