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Choose Joy!

Choose Joy!
Turn on the news and you will see anything but joy!

For a world living in darkness, joy is impossible to achieve, however for those who know Christ, know that living in joy, even in the middle of dark times is anything BUT impossible!

Joy is a gift from the Holy Spirit living inside our heart.

When we allow ourselves to focus on Christ, and allow Him to have ultimate control, He alone provides us with joy, even in the darkest of times.

Joy and happiness are not synonymous.

We do not have to happy that we are out of work.
 You do not have to happy about struggling to make ends meet.
We do not have to be happy about health struggles.

 But we can have joy in knowing that God is still in control, even when we are out of control. Even in darkness, Christ's light shines through.

How can we be the light and choose joy in every situation we face today?