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First Things First

Follow the recipe: Thank God First!
Thanking others is like following any good recipe, you have to put the ingredients into the pan or bowl in the proper order.

In order to have a grateful heart towards others, you must start with a grateful heart towards God.

This week is teachers appreciation week at many schools, it is also, Nurse appreciation week along with Fire Fighter appreciation day, and we can't forget Mother's Day, this Sunday!

With so many people to be thankful for, it can sometime leave us feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to show our thanks.

May I suggest a few ways to show your appreciation?  
1. Start by Praising and Appreciating God!
Pray, Sing, Read and Pray again.

2. Pray for the person that you are thankful for. Take that person from your thoughts, to your prayers!
When we pray for someone, we allow the Holy Spirit to led us.

3. Do something!
You've thanked God for who he is, you've thanked God for the other person, now, let the Holy Spirit led you.
Maybe he is nudging you to pick up the phone and call the person and tell them, "Thanks." Perhaps, Is he leading you to make a cake and drop it by the person's home? 
Write a letter. An Encouraging Facebook post to that person. 

It doesn't matter what you do, just follow the Holy Spirit and do something!