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Trading Fear for Freedom

Fear is Binding, Christ brings Freedom

My oldest is afraid of everything. She is afraid of the outside, there are bugs out there. She is afraid of walking on wooden bridges, they may collapse under her. She is fearful of riding her bike to fast, she knows all to well about the effects of gravity on her little knees and elbows.
Last week when we were walking on the wooden bridge at a park, I could see the fear as she timidly took the first, second and third steps. However, once I grabbed her hand, I could feel the fear melting from her body. She felt safe, I had her hand. As we walked, I reassured her of my love for her, my desire to not allow anything harmful to come to her, and the truth that, although sometimes bad things will happen, she can trust me.  
After a few more moments, she was able to enjoy her walk and was even skipping a bit with her younger sister.
Isn't this much like our heavenly father? He can be trusted and in his hands, are freedom. We do not have to fear about tomorrow, or the years to come. He knows the plans, and he will never leave us.
Rest in His freedom today!