Reopening June 7 - Service times for June - 9:00am and 10:45am - Click the envelope for more details!

Reopening of ECC - Top Ten List

Reopening: What to Expect During the Month of June
On June 7, Englewood Christian Church will reopen its doors to resume LIVE Sunday worship services. With all we have been through, there are some necessary and expected changes you will encounter upon your return. Here is a brief synopsis of what to expect. Be sure to check the blog each afternoon between now and June 7th for a more detailed explanation of each of these points.

1. Service times – In order to help with crowd control and to provide opportunities for different generations and those with health concerns to meet, there will be TWO different worship services each Sunday in June. The 9:00am service is suggested for our older and “seasoned” members or those who might have health concerns. Children will not be prohibited, but it will be STRONGLY SUGGESTED that families with children should attend our second service at 10:45am. The intent is to create two separate groups of people and avoid any cross contamination as one of our steps to create a safer worship environment.

2. Children’s Programming – Because of social distancing requests and the unfair expectation to maintain such distancing among children, there will be NO children’s ministry programming on Sundays during the month of June. This includes programs for children from birth through fifth grade.

3. Programming – There will be NO ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING for any age group, including Sunday School, Wednesday PM electives and Circles. Leadership will make a decision at a later date regarding this program.

4. Seating – Seating will be blocked off to create an “every-other-row” seating arrangement. For example, during the first service, people will sit in “odd” numbered rows, and during the second service people will sit in “even” numbered rows. We will clearly mark or communicate the appropriate rows to sit in when you arrive. This will also prevent anyone from sitting in any chair previously occupied by someone earlier that same day. We will also request a “two-seat space” between each family group. In other words, sit together with your family or household, but kindly leave two (2) empty seats between you and the next person/group of people.

5. Fellowship – Unfortunately, as much as ECC loves friendship time, there will be no specific time for fellowship or personal interaction during the services. All fellowship will be encouraged to take place after the services outside the buildings. This also means we are asking all who attend to refrain from any physical contact. Please hold your hugs, fist bumps and handshakes for a later date!

6. Digital – Due to some advances in our technological capabilities, you will walk into ECC on Sunday, June 7 and only make contact with the seat you sit in and the prepackaged preplaced communion cup. The bulletin and prayer list are available digitally, and they will not be printed. You can even fill out a connection card or prayer request through the app, as well. Giving can be done online. Scriptures can be viewed through any of the popular Bible apps on your smartphone.

7. Communion – We will not be passing trays during the service, but instead will have preplaced prepackaged communion kits for each chair in the Worship Center. We will all still take communion at the same time, but when you are finished, you will simply place the empty disposable cup in the holder located on the rack of the chair in front of you.

8. Offering – We will no longer be passing offering trays during the worship service. Offering will be placed in specifically marked collection boxes. These will be placed throughout the lobby and back of the worship center. Of course, we encourage as many as possible to take advantage of our online giving portal through our app and website.

9. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – Masks and gloves are not mandatory to participate in our worship services, but are strongly suggested. Use your own discretion in this matter, but please emphasize what you can do for others by using these items. We are not able to provide either of these items, but feel free to bring your own.

10. Virtual Experiences – During these first few weeks of “reopening,” we know many of you may struggle with the decision to attend or not. In all of these circumstances, we encourage you to decide what is best for you and your individual household. In order to help you feel like you won’t be completely missing out on our services, we will still provide LIVE viewing of our services through the Facebook LIVE platform each Sunday morning during the 10:45am service. It will not look as “clean” as our prerecorded services do, but you will still be able to see, hear and experience worship together with your Englewood family. DVDs of the Sunday morning service will not be available ahead of time.

Remember, in all of this, let wisdom rule over emotion. Every. Single. Time. We look forward to seeing you with us again at Englewood, but only when you are ready! We don’t want your worship experience to be worrisome or fearful, but one that bring you hope, joy and encouragement. We are continually praying for wisdom for everyone during this time. Whether you choose to join us in person, or continue to watch online on June 7, you are and always will be a part of the amazing faith community known as Englewood Christian Church.

If you have any questions about these new circumstances related to the reopening of ECC, please contact us at the church office (904-733-2356) during regular business hours or email us at and we’ll reply back to you within the next business day.