Reopening June 7 - Service times for June - 9:00am and 10:45am - Click the envelope for more details!

Reopening of ECC - Programming

Reopening of ECC - What to Expect
During the next 10 days (beginning May 28), we’ll be posting more detailed information about some of the expected changes and procedures regarding the reopening of the ECC campus.  The full “Top Ten” list was in the e-newsletter many of you received yesterday, as well as in The Echoes (in your mailbox next week!), but for now, we’ll post something each day to help introduce some of those new changes.

3. Programming  
During the month of June, the only on campus activity will be the Sunday morning worship services.  This means there will be no additional programming for any age including Sunday School, Wednesday PM Bible studies and meal, CWF or Master’s Men meetings, LIFE groups, etc.

Since other rooms will not be used, only the main gates, doors and worship center will be open and unlocked. All other rooms will be locked, and we ask that you leave them locked even if you have a set of keys (for example, please stay out of the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen on Sunday mornings). Additionally, since we're not having additional programming and there won't be a pot of coffee brewing somewhere (sad, we know), there is no need to arrive exceptionally early to church. During this time of transition, please plan to arrive only ten minutes before the service you plan to attend.

Leadership is working hard and praying continuously regarding the full reopening and use of our campus. Please come alongside us and prayer for us as we continue to move forward and yet do so with caution and safety in mind.

If you have any other questions, please send them to and we will get back to you within the next business day.