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Reopening of ECC - Seating

Reopening of ECC - What to Expect
Beginning May 28 and continuing through June 6, we’ve been posting more detailed information about some of the expected changes and procedures regarding the reopening of the ECC campus.  The full “Top Ten” list is available on our website and app, and it will also be listed in The Echoes which you should receive later this week, but for now, we’ll post something each day to help introduce some of those new changes.

4. Seating
In order to create the safest and “cleanest” environment possible, we will block off seating in our worship center to create an “every-other-row” seating arrangement. This will allow us to provide seats for everyone that have not previously been used on that same day. For example, the 9:00am service will sit in “odd-numbered” rows with “even-numbered” rows blocked off with appropriate signage. Then between services, we will switch the signs to block off the rows used during the first hour and open up the unused rows during the second hour.  This means no one will ever sit in a chair previously occupied by someone on that same day.

This is only effective if everyone follows the guidelines laid out by the placement of the signs in the room. Please DO NOT move the signs and sit in a row that is being reserved for a later service or was used in a previous service (for the record, there is always plenty of space in the front two rows!).

We will also request a “two-seat” space between family groups within the Worship Center.  For example, you and your family of five will take up five chairs, but will leave two empty chairs between you and the next family group or individual sitting in your same row.

This means our Worship Center will be at approximately 30% capacity for each service.

The ECC leadership will continue to monitor our crowds and guidelines and do our best to provide a safe and encouraging worship environment for you and your family if you choose to return at this time.

If you have any other questions, please send them to and we will get back to you within the next business day.