Reopening June 7 - Service times for June - 9:00am and 10:45am - Click the envelope for more details!

Reopening of ECC - Digital

Reopening of ECC - What to Expect
Beginning May 28 and continuing through June 6, we’ve been posting more detailed information about some of the expected changes and procedures regarding the reopening of the ECC campus.  The full “Top Ten” list is available on our website and app, and it will also be listed in The Echoes which you should receive later this week, but for now, we’ll post something each day to help introduce some of those new changes.

6. Digital
I think everyone has had to stretch their minds a bit during these recent times and dip their toes into the digital world.  Do you remember how little you knew about these things when all of this began?  You’ve come so far!

As we resume meeting together in person, there are several “digital” formats that will continue on for the month of June. We will not be printing any items for Sundays, so please take advantage of these digital options. All options are available any time after 3pm on Friday afternoons.

  1. Bulletins – The digital format of this document is available through the app or the website. You can print it off ahead of time to prepare for Sunday.  If this is not viable for you at this time,   please make plans to bring your own paper and pen to take notes during the message time.
  2. Prayer List – Likewise, our prayer list will be updated each Friday morning and posted to the app, web page and our ECC Friends Facebook page by 3pm each week. 
  3. Connection Cards – In the printed version, the Connection Card was attached to the bulletin, and you could use that to communicate any prayer requests, mark your attendance at church, sign up for Wed. dinners and more.  In the digital world, you can use this to “check in” and let us know you are here or update your contact information.  You can access this through the ECC app on your smartphone.
  4. Prayer Requests – Prayer requests can be submitted digitally through the ECC app by        clicking on the “connect” button, then clicking on “Prayer Request.” You can also email any    requests to or even post them on our ECC Friends page.

As a reminder, our church website is, and our app can be downloaded for free by going to the Google Play store for your Android phone or the Apple store for any iPhone users.

Online giving will continue to be emphasized during this time, as well, and don’t forget about convenient Bible apps on your smartphone (or you could bring your own Bible!).

So, in essence, you could walk in to our services on Sunday and not have contact with anything but the chair you sit in and the preplaced communion cup.

Even more important, though, is the continuing opportunity to join us virtually on Sunday mornings through Facebook LIVE during the 10:45am service.  It will not be as “clean” or clear as the previous prerecorded weeks, but you will still be able to see, hear and experience Sunday morning worship with your ECC faith community. This will likely continue through the summer months to allow everyone ample opportunity to make the best decision for themselves and their household regarding a return date to our in-person worship services.

It truly is a digital world! See you on Sunday!

If you have any other questions, please send them to and we will get back to you within the next business day.