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Core 52 Chapter 41 - Freedom

Will the real YOU please stand up?

Last week, I referred to an old (and reoccurring) TV game show called, “To Tell the Truth.” I’ll spare you the details of how this show worked (Google it), but the basic premise was three contestants – two were lying and one was telling the truth.

As I read through this week’s chapter from CORE 52, I got hung up on one particular portion of Mark Moore’s essay about this week’s topic of Freedom.  I’ve included it here for you to refer to:

“We believe our deeds and desires determine our identity. We sinned, so we must be sinners. This is one of the most destructive lies of the Evil One. Our identity is in our created nature, not our fallen nature.  We were created by God; therefore, we’re His children. We were redeemed by Jesus; therefore, we’re His possession.  We were filled with the Holy Spirit; therefore, we’re saints.”

I’ll come back to that, but let me lay some foundation work before we get too deep.

I believe there are three views we can have of ourselves:

                1. What we think the world thinks about us – This is the one that can get us in trouble.  When we start trying to figure out what everyone else thinks about us. We use our limited interactions and incorrectly use it to create an invalid definition of our person and character.
                2. What we think about us – This can be tricky, too, because of our sinful desire. As Mr. Moore mentioned, we need to be sure we don’t fall prey to defining our life’s value through our fallen sinful nature.  
                3. What God thinks about us – Our true nature, our created nature, is the one God intends for us to use in determining our value. When we follow God’s ways and submit to His will, we see things as He sees them, therefore, we see ourselves as God’s child, forever loved and redeemed.

Two of these views are lies, and one is the truth.  Which one will you follow?  Which one is the real you?

When we trust the training provided by God’s Word, exemplified by His Son and emblazoned on our hearts by His Spirit, we then begin to see who we really are.
                1. Created by God, therefore a child of God.
                2. Redeemed by Jesus, therefore, a possession of God.
                3.  Filled with the Holy Spirit, therefore, a saint in the Kingdom.

Don’t let your false view of yourself lead you to despair. Instead, follow the freedom found in Christ and let your life be filled with hope.

I read something one time that defined despair as “acting like you know the end and it’s not good.”  This same person also said, “Hope is knowing you don’t know the end, but you know the One who does and He is good.”

Find freedom not in what you do not know, but in the One you do know.

- Pete Ramsey