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Core 52 - Chapter 45 - Grace

I love gifts. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like gifts.  There is a thoughtfulness behind the gift. In most cases, the gift giver has put much thought into what the receiver of the gift might want or most need. The one giving the gift has sometimes gone to great expense to acquire the gift they hope to give. Many times, a gift like this is wrapped beautifully to bring joy to the recipient’s eye and to bring them joy even before they know what the gift is. Did I tell you how much I like gifts? I just can’t put into words what it means to buy a gift for someone, after having put so much thought into it having full confidence it is not only what they want, but what they need.  I love the thought of giving someone a gift.

I can only imagine that God feels the same way.  He has thought of the perfect gift for each and every one of us – precisely what we need and want all in one amazing gift. This gift is not something contained in a box or beautifully wrapped and topped off with a bow.  Nor is it something that has a dollar value attached to it.  The measure of this gift is not in money, but rather in love. This gift, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is grace.

There is a popular song out among churches today that contains one of my favorite descriptions of grace. It is in the song, “He Loves Us,” written by John Mark Macmillan, but made popular by David Crowder Band. There is a line in the second verse that describes grace in a very unique way:

“If grace were an ocean, we’re all sinking”

It’s one thing to receive a gift –a new bike, the latest video game system, or maybe even a new car – but it’s a completely different thing to receive an overabundance of gifts.  Can you imagine waking up on Christmas morning to your entire house full of basketballs? Or maybe on your birthday, you open up your bedroom door and it is full from ceiling to floor of the newest cell phone on the market? Or maybe for no reason at all, a loved one tells you to walk out to the driveway and you see not one, not two, not three, but thirty-six new cars!!!!

It is obvious no one needs thirty-six new cars, but that is exactly what God did to us.  He gave us grace. More grace than we deserve. More grace than we can count. More grace than we can possibly imagine. He gave us so much grace that it covered all of our sin and restored our relationship with Him.

So, next time you receive a gift, or better yet, next time you give a gift, be reminded of the greatest gift you’ve ever received – the free gift of the grace of God.

- Pete Ramsey