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Immerse: Messiah, Week 2, Day 7

Choose Compassion

The majority of us reading this know the story of "The Prodigal Son." We know the younger son was greedy, wanted his inheritance, took said inheritance, wasted it all, had nothing, went back to his father, father had a party. Now, most of us stop there because a story is supposed to have a happy ending. The older brother in this parable is generally not talked about in detail, but when you look at his actions, you can tell he was bitter and jealous about the party his dad threw for his spoiled brother.

My brother is six years younger than me, so after reading this, I kind of get where the older brother in this parable is coming from. There’s always an exception to this rule, but the youngest sibling is the “baby” of the family. Back in the day, he was always getting what he wanted. He was hardly ever held accountable for what he did. If you were to ask him this now, he would deny it, but we all know it’s true. It was like this with my brother and I. He was coddled. I was the one who always got it trouble, even when he started it because I was older, so I knew better. Now he says I’m the favorite, and I don’t argue with him.

In this story we read the older brother was faithful to his father. He didn’t make the stupid decisions his brother had made. He worked for his inheritance instead of thinking he was entitled to it like his younger brother thought. He struggled with this idea of bitterness, jealously, and anger towards his brother because he did everything right in his eyes, and probably his father’s eyes, but there was one key thing he was missing and that was COMPASSION. When his little brother came home, he should have been ecstatic and welcomed him home with open arms. He wasn’t. He was bitter. Even though he thought he did everything right, he was acting just like the Pharisees who Jesus was telling this parable to. Are we completely faithful to our Heavenly Father, never leaving His side, but have no compassion?  Are we bitter, when someone gets a party because they give their life to Christ again or for the first time? Don’t let bitterness, jealously, or anger run your life. Live a life of compassion because everyone, no matter the person, needs Jesus in their life, and you could be that person to show Him to them.

- Josh Colvin

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