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Immerse: Messiah, Week 5, Day 22

Blow Your House Down

Some very powerful words struck me as I was going through the reading for this week’s Immerse: Messiah blog.  It talks about our foundation, and not just the materials we use, but the importance of how we choose to build. We are given this warning on page 130 as we read through 1 Corinthians, “But on the judgement day, fire will reveal what kind of work each builder has done.” It reminded me of the story of the “Three Little Pigs.” Each of these bovine siblings had different priorities when it came to building their house. Each one used a different ratio of construction time, material costs, and housing quality. Of course we all know the brick house was the only one that survived the wolf’s wrath. It took the longest to build, was the most expensive, AND would’ve rated at least 4 ½ stars on Airbnb. No matter how much huffing and puffing the wolf did, the little brick house not only survived, but kept all three pig siblings safe.

We have a responsibility to build our own “holy temple” in the same way. Our foundation must begin with Christ. We then must build it up with the gifts we’ve been given in a way that honors our foundation. We cannot cut corners by using subpar materials we’ve gathered from the world. In 1 Corinthians Paul warns the people that dividing yourselves by quarreling with other believers, boasting about your support of earthly leaders, and depending on your own cleverness are all things that can weaken your house. A weak house will not survive the fires of judgment, and all your work will burn to the ground. You will barely escape, just like the first two pigs in the children’s story.

All of our actions here on earth impact how we witness to the people around us, so we must first ask ourselves if what we are choosing to do honors God first. If it doesn’t, then we must let go of the ideas of this world which are holding us back and start building our own houses over again from the ground up. Turn your focus back to God, because even His worst “supplies” are far superior to the best things this world can offer.

- Serena Maerkl