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Immerse: Messiah - Week 9, Day 42

Don't Miss Out!

When I first saw The Greatest Showman in theaters, I ended up missing a critical portion of the movie because I had to go to the bathroom. Being so focused on the excitement of seeing a movie I really wanted to see for such a long time, I forgot to go before the movie started. Because I was so ignorant of what I needed in that moment, I missed the most pivotal part of the movie!

Jesus’ disciples were kind of like that, when you really think about it. They, too, had a tendency to be a little ignorant of what they needed to do in that moment. My favorite example of this is when Jesus reprimands them for trying to make the children go away in favor of having “adult conversations” with Jesus.

Especially in the book of Mark, there is an extra emphasis on having faith that Jesus is the Son of God. In today’s reading, we read about Jesus calming a storm because his disciples are terrified they’re going to drown. Jesus asks them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” (pg. 266) We read the story of Jesus casting out Legion – who, before the demons are cast out, confess Jesus is the Son of the Most High God (pg. 266). Following that incident, Jesus back-to-back heals two people. He’s on his way to heal Jairus’s daughter, but before He can even get there, a woman with a blood disorder approaches Jesus and has such faith in His power that she thinks, “If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed.” Jesus stops her, heals her and tells her that her faith has made her well. It takes Him too long to get to Jairus’s house, and his daughter dies, to which Jesus responds, “Don’t be afraid, just have faith.” (pg. 268). Moments later Jesus spoke to the girl and she was alive.

The disciples didn’t have faith and were reprimanded for it. I think it’s no coincidence Mark shares with us this series of events after Jesus calmed the storm. Too often we trade our own concern for trust and faith in the Lord. Mark shows us here our own power and our own worry have no precedence over faith in God to do what is best for us when we are in distress. In each of these situations, confession of Jesus as the Son of God and faith in His power were demonstrated. In the story of Legion, we learn even God’s enemies have the smarts to recognize Jesus as the Son of God. In the following stories, those who were healed had faith in Jesus’ power to do so. They did not doubt Jesus could do it!

When we have faith in the Lord to work His power in our lives, we will end up overwhelmed and totally amazed at what He does. Don’t miss out on the ways God is demonstrating His power in your life. Don’t trade your faith away for worry that He won’t come through. Let His actions in your life compel your faith to grow stronger and stronger every day.

- Karissa Mead