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Immerse: Beginnings, Week 7


Does anyone else dislike tedious work? I am not a huge fan of a job that is tedious. Painting? Not a fan, especially when the trim needs to be cut in. That job to me is extremely tedious. Cutting in the trim is one of those things after several minutes, you are not much further than when you first started. I would much rather have someone cut the trim in for me, and then I roll the big portion of the wall. There is not as much rolling as does cutting the trim in.

When I have a job to do, I like to get it done as soon as I can. That way, I can move on to something else which needs to be completed. All I need to know is what to do, a little bit of how to do it, and then just let me go. I feel like I don’t always need to know every little detail which goes into completing a specific job, especially if there is an easier and quicker way to do it.

I will admit though, there are times when every little detail is given on how to complete a job, and I follow through with them. It does not matter how tedious it is, the job still gets done the specific way they asked. I may not completely understand why, but because of who was giving the instructions, I follow exactly how they explained to me.

This may or may not have been exactly how Moses felt when God commanded him to build the ark, or the table, or the lampstand, or the courtyard, or even what was supposed to go inside the tabernacle and how that was to be built. The list goes on and on. God gave Moses very specific instructions on what needed to be done. Moses never asked why, he just accepted and moved on with the process.

Every day but one in Week 7 of Immerse: Beginnings is all about the specific instructions God gave Moses. Sometimes God gives us very specific commands or directions to follow, and we are not sure why He is giving us such specific commands. God had a plan for Moses, and these instructions were all part of the plan and bigger purpose. Just like with Moses, God has a plan and bigger purpose for us. We may not understand them and may even want to question them, but the thing we all need to be aware of when it comes to God’s plan for us is the “why” is not as important as our obedience. It’s okay to ask questions, but those questions aren’t as important as obeying what God has commanded us to do. He has a purpose and a reason, so make sure the “why” doesn’t outweigh the “obey.”

- Josh Colvin