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Immerse: Beginnings, Week 12

Fear vs. Faith

Do you ever catch yourself looking back at your life pre-Jesus and wanting to go back to that life? You know your life now is not horrible, but there was just something easier back when you weren’t having to live a life different than the world; back when you didn’t have to live a life where you had to be Jesus to everyone. I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we have done that a time or two, and maybe even gone back because we thought life was so much easier.

When I think about this idea of going back to a previous lifestyle, a group of people who immediately come to mind are the Israelites. On page 227 of Immerse: Beginnings, the Israelites were willing to go back to their previous life in Egypt because they were scared. Prior to this, the Lord commanded Moses to send men out to explore Canaan to see what the land and people were like. When they came back, Joshua and Caleb were the only ones who were all for taking the land because they saw the potential this land held, and they had the faith to believe God was going to lead them to inherit this land. He had already kept true to His previous promises, and this was another promise He was going to fulfill. But because the other ten men came back and gave negative reports on the land and didn’t have faith, all of the Israelites sided with them instead of Joshua and Caleb. They were even considering replacing Moses as leader and stoning Joshua and Caleb. They also questioned why God even rescued them from Egypt.

We look at this response from the Israelites after God kept His many promises and rescued them many times, and we get frustrated. We look at it and think, “How can they be so dumb?” But we’ve made the same responses. We’ve questioned God and His direction. We’ve wanted to go back to our old way of living because being a Christian and following Christ is too hard. We’ve all been there and done that. We’ve been just like the Israelites: FEARFUL.

Recently a preacher I heard said the opposite of faith is not doubt…it’s FEAR. Fear of unknown. Fear of persecution. Fear of (insert word here). We have all experienced fear in one way or another in our walk with Christ and have possibly wanted to give up. I want to leave you with this challenge: when you are fearful and about to give up, just remember where God has brought you from and be encouraged you are going to enter the “Promised Land” if you continue to follow Him, seek Him and trust Him.  

Josh Colvin