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Living Monuments

When we lived in North Carolina, we would often make the trip back down to Florida to visit family or sometimes venture west over the Tennessee. Those trips, taken so often, quickly became routine. More times than not, half my family (who shall remain unnamed), would take the time to sleep. I didn’t complain, though. I enjoyed the silence of the road trip. I must confess, though, that I, too, often took the scenery for granted and didn’t always fully enjoy the beauty all around me.

There is one particular location off of Interstate 40, west of Asheville, NC, but before you get into Tennessee, where you make your way around the curves of the mountain incline and then seemingly break forth into one of the most beautiful scenes known to man.  You are at a height on the mountains allowing you to feel as if you are above the clouds, yet the winding path of the interstate takes you to the edge of the mountain range and gives you access to look for miles across the valley.  Hillsides, majestic oaks, rustic mountain homes, small country churches, cattle grazing sideways on the hills and, of course, a red barn with a black roof and the words, “See Rock City,” painted for everyone to see.

It may not be a specific monument with a plaque or statue or roadside marker, but in my book, it is a monumental monument to the amazing power and majestic creativity of our Maker and King. I can think of several other unofficial monuments which trigger my thoughts towards praise and glory to my God: the Atlantic Ocean at night, with lightning storms flashing on the distant horizon, the indescribable vastness of the Grand Canyon, the beauty of the sunset on the mighty Pacific as seen from Point Loma outside San Diego, CA and the serenity of driving through the wheat fields of Kansas. These monuments remind me of God’s power and creative abilities and always humble me of the grace that allows me to be in His presence.

There is another type of monument which reminds me of something completely different.  It is a monument of the flesh. It is the well lived life of a faithful servant who, unbeknownst to them, stands in my faith hall of fame, 21st century edition! It is the life of a couple who have spent decades serving the Lord, the majority of the time remaining unseen and unrecognized. It is the life of two people who are a living testimony to what it takes to make a marriage work and how to make it stronger each and every day.  It is physical evidence as to what it takes to raise up a family in the name of the Lord and to truly and honestly put their family completely in the hands of the Lord.  It is a dynamic example of how to glorify God through one’s workplace by offering up years of work done in excellence, not for their own glory, but for the glory of Christ, their king. It is the persisting example of sacrifice through the giving of time, energy, effort, money, resources, knowledge, experience and love.

I have known these two people for close to 35 years and have seen and experienced first-hand their living monument of faithfulness.  I am humbled to call them not only friends, but more importantly, fellow Kingdomworkers.  I hope you have been blessed enough to do the same.

Thank you, Charles and Harriett Moseley for helping me to see Jesus in ALL circumstances – good or bad, work or home, comfort and discomfort, trying and pleasant times and everything in between.  Charles has retired from his position of elder here at ECC – something he has done off and on for the past 40 years – and Harriett has retired from working at the TLC – something she has been a part of since its inception, and they are finally “retiring” to enjoy and rest a bit for their remaining days. They aren’t going anywhere and you’ll still see them here at Englewood, just not as often as usual as they start making adjustments to life. It is bittersweet, yet 100% completely well deserved. The apostle Paul mentions in Romans 13, “7 Pay to all what is owed to them: … honor to whom honor is owed.” I know it goes against everything Charles and Harriett may desire, but they are most certainly owed honor.  Thank you Charles and Harriett for showing me how to be more and more like Jesus in all the areas of my life.  Thank you for being a living monument to me that moves me to remember and exalt my Lord and King. May God bless you with many days of relaxation, laughter and faithful companionship with each other for the rest of your days.

- Pete Ramsey