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Go to Camp!

“Camp is not all it’s cracked up to be.” I spoke these words about camp before I moved here to Jacksonville. Growing up I went to camp, maybe once or twice during middle school. Camp was not something I was interested in; it didn’t hurt my feelings if I missed a week of camp. This attitude I had about camp continued when I became a youth minister in Indiana. I was never forced to push camp on students, nor was I ever forced to attend camp as an adult leader except one week. Even after attending that week of camp as an adult leader, my attitude stayed the same; I didn’t like camp and would be completely fine if I never stepped foot on any camp property ever again.

This was my attitude regarding camp until three years ago when I attended my first week of Middle School Camp at North Florida Christian Camp. That first week I was hooked. There was something different about that camp and about the people who put on the week. Since then I have gone back every year and have become a co-dean for that same exact middle school week, as well as a High School Retreat weekend in January. All because of that one week my attitude has gone from disliking camp to pushing students and even adult leaders to attend camp. This past Middle School Camp was one for the books, and I’m not talking about the outbreak of COVID. I was filled with awe and amazement as I witnessed the Spirit work in the lives of the majority of the middle schoolers and even some of the high schoolers who were there to help out.

The theme for the week was Christmas at Camp, and each night we took a look at the life of Jesus and what He offered for us. On night four, we looked at freedom from sin and what it meant to be free in Jesus. To show the students what it was like to be freed from sin, they received three paper bracelets and made them into handcuffs. Then at the end of the lesson, if they were ready to break free from sin and live a life of freedom in Christ, they would snap the bracelets as if they were breaking free. This was extremely powerful to witness. To watch each student break free and want to live a life for Christ was something I’m glad I got to witness.

Overall, there were close to thirty students who made the decision for the first time to break free from their sin and live in the freedom Christ has to offer by getting baptized either at camp or when they got home after that week. My mindset and attitude of camp will never go back to what it was. The Spirit was and will continue to be at work at camp in the lives of the students.

“Camp is definitely all it’s cracked up to be!”