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Immerse: Kingdoms - Week 1

Lists. We all make them. Grocery lists, “honey-do” lists, chore lists, Christmas lists, home repair lists, school supply lists and more!  Some are fun – who doesn’t love watching a child make out a Christmas list to give to their grandparents each year??  Some, ..well, let’s just say I’ve never met someone get excited and happy about making a list of their monthly bills!

The book of Joshua tells us the story of Joshua leading the young nation of Israel into their rightful inheritance known as the Promised Land.  Spoken of many, many years ago to Abraham, the people are now ready to move in and clear out – all with the Lord’s help.  Along the way, they make several different stone monuments to remind them of special occasions – the crossing of the Jordan to name one. These memorials served as visual reminders to the people, so they might remember what the Lord had done for them in bringing them into the Promised Land and giving them possession of this land flowing with milk and honey.

Sometimes a memorial just wasn’t enough, though.  In Joshua 12 (Immerse: Kingdoms, page 20), there is a looooonnnnggg list of names of foreign kings whom the Israelites had defeated with the help of the Lord. In fact, there are thirty-one different kings’ names listed. Thirty-one! Thirty-one times the nation of Israel went into battle to conquer these various city-kingdoms and thirty-one times they came out victorious.  Thirty-one times they faithfully did what the Lord commanded them to do and thirty-one times the Lord delivered their enemies into their hands.  Thirty-one times!!

Do you need to be reminded of what God has done in your life? Have you let the instability of the world – natural disasters, global conflicts, viral spikes and more – cloud your memory?
Why not take the time to write down the victories the Lord has given you?  By reflecting on the faithfulness of God from previous circumstances, we can know He will lead us to victory again and again and again and again.  When we remember yesterday’s victories, it helps us see hope for tomorrow.