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Immerse: Kingdoms - Week 5

Legends of the Game

For a baseball fan, the month of September brings a higher sense of anticipation, especially if your team is still in the hunt for the World Series. The All Star game is a long forgotten memory. The “dog days” of August, with its heat and humidity, have just ended. The trade deadline has passed and all the competitive teams have added various pieces and parts to upgrade all of their potential shortcomings and weaknesses. Now, it’s time to race for the pennant.  This is the time of year when heroes are made and legends are born. Reggie Jackson is known by the moniker, Mr. October, because of his prowess for tremendous and towering home runs in the playoffs. Pitchers like Don Larsen, who pitched a perfect game (27 up, 27 down) in the World Series, Jack Morris (a 10-inning shutout in Game 7), Roy Halladay (no hitter in the playoffs), and Bob Gibson (17 strikeouts in a game), have etched their names in the greatness of baseball history. Many debates have occurred in regards to whom among even these is the greatest or whose achievement was the most astounding.

In 2 Samuel 23, we find a collection of “the names of David’s mighty warriors.”  What follows is quite an extensive and impressive list of individuals and their outstanding feats in their service to David.  There is a group called, “The Thirty,” who could be considered the Hall of Famers for their tremendous service record, their amazing faithfulness and their outstanding achievements. Even beyond that, though, were “The Three,” consisting of Josheb-Basshebeth, a Tahnkemonite, Eleazer son of Dodai the Ahohite, and Shammah son of Agee the Hararite. These three were head and shoulders above in both acts of bravery and service and in dedication and commitment to David as their leader and king.
Can you imagine the debates at the annual Passover family gatherings as to which of the mighty three was the greatest or whose deed was the most outstanding?  How do you even choose?  Do you side with Eleazer who struck down Philistines continuously until his hand froze to his sword or do you go with Josheb-Basshebeth who killed 800 Philistines in one encounter?  Me? I’m taking the underdog and siding with unmade chief warriors who broke behind the Philistine lines just to get a pitcher of water from the well near the gate in Bethlehem that David proclaimed as his favorite!!  What skill, bravery and dedication all for a jug of water for your king!!!!

Here’s something else to think about, too.  When our time comes, and our name is called and we appear before the throne, we, too, will be considered among the greatest of all time. Jesus has told us that all who serve in His name will one day be called, “good and faithful servant.” When it all comes down to it, is that enough? Isn’t that all we need to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?

May we strive even harder, serve even longer, and love even better, as we move one day closer to hearing those blessed words.