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(Not Christmas) Potpourri

Be Lazy

Yep. I said it. Someone had to. It’s the week before New Year’s. School’s out, maybe you have the week off of work, and maybe you have some coveted time all to yourself and your family that you’ve been waiting for months to have.
Don’t be tempted.
When we see empty time in the schedule, we have a terrible tendency to fill it up. DISCLAIMER: some seasons of life are unavoidably busy… trust me, I get it. But what I’m afraid of is you and I jumping to fill our schedule with things to do just because it’s empty.
Rest is crucial to a healthy spiritual life. Physical rest, emotional rest, and solitude play important roles in our relationships to God, to others, and to ourselves. I heard recently the phrase: “Think true thoughts, then do good things. Do good things, and think true thoughts.” The idea is when you align yourself with what is true about God and about yourself, your actions will reflect those truths you’ve come to believe. In reverse, we align ourselves by doing – by our actions. Sometimes we need to intervene between ourselves and our own minds by committing to act, and as a result of our actions we begin to change the way we think. In other words, our actions and thoughts feed on each other. The simplest illustration of this is skydiving (extreme, right?). But think about it: the first thought about skydiving is “NOPE. Too dangerous.” However, those who have gone skydiving will tell you it’s actually not as dangerous as their fear leads them to believe. All they have to do is decide to jump. Once they land safely, their assumptions about danger start to change, and they trust just a little bit more each time.
Do you have assumptions about how you need to be spending your time? Do those assumptions lead you to truth or to lies? Do your actions reflect what you believe to be true about what God wants for you? 
When we don’t rest, we become love’s opposite: impatient, easily angered, vengeful, spiteful, unkind, envious, boastful, and self-centered. The reason? When we don’t have time to re-align ourselves with God’s will for us, we lose sight of it. As we get ready for New Year’s and the resolutions that follow, I’d like you to consider whether you’re including a restful time in your life to walk in step with the Spirit of God, to listen and hear from Him.
Here’s what’s true: Rest is biblical. Rest is necessary. Rest is commanded.
Here’s what we need to do: Obey.
We just sang it, right? Let every heart prepare Him room.
Make room in your life for the Lord. Make sure you’re not so busy you’re pushing Him to the side. Don’t believe the lie you need to be occupied at all times.
Change your mind. Change your actions. Make room in your life for God. Rest. Hear what He has to say to you. Decide to jump and see how God can restore your mind and your heart when you choose to spend time resting in Him.