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Immerse: Poets - Week 2

“If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them.” (Psalm 40, Immerse: Poets, page 43)
Recently my wife and I have been binge watching the show, “Alone.” The premise is to take ten individuals and drop them in the wilderness – with ten personally selected survival items, a safety pack, 40 pounds of audio/visual equipment and a satellite phone in case of emergency – and see who can last the longest.  The locations have been quite impressive stretching from the Arctic Circle in the north all the way down to Patagonia in South America.  It’s amazing to see what people do in these circumstances. Some have faced bears and mountain lions, while others have come face to face with wolverines and moose. Some have “tapped out” in the first day and some winners have lasted well past day seventy. The variety of things they have eaten is indescribable – seriously, you don’t want me to tell you some of the things they have eaten.

As intriguing as it is to watch these individuals attempt to survive in the wild, I am most often enthralled by the scenery, the wildlife and the wonders of the sky found hovering over the expanse of the uninhabited wilderness. It is completely amazing, mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. One season, contestants were attempting to exist within the Arctic Circle, and yet had the blessing of seeing portions of the Northern Lights on a regular basis. One of the comments made often by contestants is the silence.  At first it seems overwhelming to have no other sounds around them, but eventually they begin to tune out the silence and tune in to the sounds of creation – birds, squirrels, wind blown tree tops, crashing waves, pitter patter of rain, silence of the snowfall and more.

When it comes to nature, the list of amazing attributes could go on and on and on and on.  One of my favorites is the sound of the ocean at night.  When I was younger (much, much younger), I would go down to the beach at night and climb in the lifeguard chairs to listen to the waves come crashing in.  Even more amazing was when the lightning would flash and the darkness was suddenly overflowing with the dark outlines of shrimp boats on the horizon. All just beautiful.

Then there are the rocky coasts of the Dominican Republic and the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the green mountaintops of East Tennessee.  And how could I forget the immensity of the Grand Canyon? Or the desolateness of the region around the Dead Sea? Or the sunset from the west coast of California on the pacific with the bellowing sounds of seals in the background?  Or …. You get the point.  I could go on and on and on and on.

Take some time to soak in the wonder of God. It’s all around you, all the time. In fact, it begins the moment you step outside your door. If you try and keep a list, you never run out of things to write down.