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Immerse: Poets - Week 10

Is anyone reading this a huge fan of the beach? So much so you would be at the beach 24/7 if work and life didn’t get in the way? If you are like that, then I ask you this question, “What in the world is wrong with you?” I’m just messing around, but me and the beach are not friends at all. The sand is the worst part. I cannot stand the sand at all. It gets stuck to me and doesn’t come off. And when I put on my clothing after a day at the beach, my skin is irritated, and I am extremely uncomfortable. If it wasn’t for the sand, then the beach would not be a bad place to visit. I would much rather be somewhere in the mountains any day over being at the beach. But living in Jacksonville and having a family who enjoys the beach, we make our way to Jax Beach and Neptune Beach several times during the year. Some of those times are to walk around and some of those times are to play.

But there are some days when I choose to go to the beach by myself. Just last month I decided to head to the beach to walk around and talk to God. I went on a cold weekday morning, so the beach was nearly empty, and there were no distractions. It was just me and God. At that time, I was struggling; I was running on empty. I was worried about things I know I shouldn’t have been worrying about. I was listening to the lies of Satan, and it seemed like my life was out of control. As I was walking up and down the beach, listening to the waves crash and the wind howl around me, I just started talking to God. I poured it all out right there. I asked for His help and His guidance to get through the struggles in my life I was experiencing at that time.
In this week’s reading of Psalms, the writer of Psalm 102 was doing just that. He was calling out for help to God. The first two sentences of Psalm 102 say, “Lord, hear my prayer! Listen to my plea!” How many times have we started out our prayers to God like this? The great thing about crying out and reaching out to God is He’s there listening. The writer of Psalm 102 knew this, and we should too.

What’s awesome about walking the beach and praying to God is it’s easy to feel like it’s just the two of you. As I was walking, I was taking in the magnificent power and beauty of the ocean. The God who created the ocean as far as we can see is the same God who listens to you and me. The cool thing about my time there is, not 24 hours later, God heard me and answered those prayers. God is listening and will answer your prayers and pleas to Him. All you have to do is be listening to Him.

I would encourage you to find a place where it is just you and God and call out to Him. He’s listening and waiting to answer you.