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Immerse: Poets - Week 9
by Angela Hastings on March 28th, 2022
Perhaps you’ve noticed by now, Proverbs is full of wisdom about leaning on the insight and life experience of others. The theme continues during week 9 of Immerse: Poets. However, sometimes I don’t necessarily like the insight others offer, either in person or through the Word. I don’t know about you, but when the word “criticism” gets thrown in the mix, I get a little testy and defensive. Okay, o...  Read More
Immerse: Poets - Week 4
by Angela Hastings on February 21st, 2022
I know I’ve mentioned before how emotionally raw the psalms are. David and others wrote them at their highest highs and lowest lows. In them we are finding prayers of vindication, prayers of praise, and prayers of desperation. In my opinion, the psalms express and warrant vulnerability like no other book of the Bible.As I read through week 4 of Immerse: Poets (page 70), I couldn’t help but pause a...  Read More
Missions: Stronger
by Angela Hastings on January 17th, 2022
When we were kids, we always wanted to show off our muscles. Flex those biceps. Tell the adults, “Look how strong I am!” We fought to be king of the hill. We raced to be the fastest in the schoolyard. Fast-forward 40+ years. Now, if you’re anything like me, you recruit your coworkers to carry the cases of water into the office and hire a company to move the boxes and furniture. It seems with wisdo...  Read More
Christmas Potpourri
by Angela Hastings on December 13th, 2021
Is anyone else in a state of unbelief that it is mid-December?! I can’t even fathom how Christmas is less than two weeks away. It feels like it has crept up on me this year in so many ways. But in spite of that, I was excited to be able to share some Christmas thoughts with you this week.Not long ago, I had a conversation with some friends about The Five Love Languages. One person shared she had r...  Read More
Immerse: Chronicles Week 4
by Angela Hastings on November 8th, 2021
Does anyone else want to groan when reading these stories in Immerse: Chronicles? Sometimes a king is on such a great run, and then he makes a bad turn and everything comes crashing down. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s like watching the Jags play (except for the game on November 7 - that was a good game). One minute, you think we could be headed towards a win. The next, we’re facing yet another los...  Read More
Immerse: Kingdoms - Week 7
by Angela Hastings on October 4th, 2021
Epic. Awesome. Entertaining. I could be describing the latest Marvel movie, but instead, these are words I’d use to describe this week’s reading for Immerse: Kingdoms. Even if you haven’t been reading along with us, I encourage you to pick up a book or Bible or follow along on a podcast and read through 1 Kings 17 through 2 Kings 10. In my opinion it’s some of the most exciting and entertaining re...  Read More
Immerse: Kingdoms - Week 2
by Angela Hastings on August 31st, 2021
Buckle up, friends. This week’s Immerse reading is rough. Reading through Judges is not a happy experience. It conveys a sad and dark time in Israel’s history and an account of their cyclically sinful behavior. If you’ve lived a somewhat moral life, and you’ve never read through the book of Judges, be prepared to be shocked. I’ve read through it several times through the years, but this go around,...  Read More
Beach Lessons
by Angela Hastings on June 15th, 2021
Sanibel, Florida is one of my favorite places to visit. Unlike other beaches off Florida’s coast, Sanibel Island runs east to west rather than north to south. This means it’s a prime spot for finding all kinds of shells, not just the clam and oyster shells we’re used to finding here in Jacksonville.I was recently looking at my old blog when I came across this one I had written nearly ten years ago...  Read More
Immerse: Beginnings, Week 13
by Angela Hastings on April 27th, 2021
As we come to the end of the book of Numbers, there are so many stories and topics we could potentially focus on. The Israelites are nearing the Promised Land (again), and the generation who experienced the Egyptian plagues and the parting of the Red Sea have all passed away. In fact, “Not one of them survived except Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun” (Immerse: Beginnings, page 253).Thr...  Read More
Immerse: Beginnings, Week 8
by Angela Hastings on March 23rd, 2021
Once upon a time, I applied for a job in a chiropractic office. I showed up for the “interview,” only to find out it was a group interview. There were probably twenty people there, all for the same job. At one point, we had to introduce ourselves in front of the group and tell a couple of things about ourselves – probably our strengths and why we should be hired.Let’s just say I froze (but at leas...  Read More
Immerse: Beginnings, Week 3
by Angela Hastings on February 16th, 2021
Several years ago, I participated in a Bible study on the Pentateuch taught by a Messianic Jew, Dr. Stephen Blender. Actually, he was not only Jewish, but also was a rabbi and had even written books for high school and college students about how NOT to become a Christian when going to college. However, one day while staying in a hotel, he cracked open the New Testament from his bedside table, and ...  Read More
by Angela Hastings on January 26th, 2021
I’ve been thinking about habits this month. There are some habits, rituals and routines I have implemented in my life which are obviously good. For example, brushing my teeth – obviously good not only for myself, but also for those who come in close contact with me. A new habit (thank you COVID-19) is wiping down high-touch items in the church office every morning. Additionally, each January for a...  Read More
Taking One for the Team
by Angela Hastings on December 22nd, 2020
We recently had a week in the office helping one another out in bigger ways than normal. What I really want to type right now is that we went the second mile without even thinking twice about it, and no one complained even a little bit. Yay, us! But alas, we’re subject to temptation, selfishness and whining and some of us might have been a little grumpy about pitching in. Okay, I was one of “some ...  Read More
Immerse: Messiah - Week 13, Day 64
by Angela Hastings on November 17th, 2020
I told myself I wasn’t going to write about Hebrews 11. Everyone always writes about Hebrews 11. I think I’ve written about Hebrews 11 already this year. Do any other chapters in Hebrews exist?! It’s hard to say because we hear about Hebrews 11 all the time.I was set to write about James. I love the book of James. I literally had the entire book of James memorized a few years ago. In fact, here’s ...  Read More
Immerse: Messiah - Week 8, Day 37
by Angela Hastings on October 13th, 2020
A few weeks ago, I was wrestling in prayer about something, and I continued to feel anxious about it even after praying. It was kind of annoying. I was even losing sleep, and that was just unacceptable because this girl needs her sleep.One morning as I was praying, I had the thought, “Not worrying starts with joy.” I always couple not worrying or being anxious with prayer and specifically with tha...  Read More
Immerse: Messiah, Week 3, Day 1
by Angela Hastings on September 8th, 2020
Are we devoted to prayer like the early church was devoted to prayer? “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer” (Acts 2:42 NLT).  Read More


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