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Navigate the Unpredictable (Psalm 91)
on January 19th, 2021
I grew up in the Midwest. Tornado green skies with train whistle winds were familiar elements.I can remember once when I was a little girl, I was visiting my grandparents. Out of nowhere the sirens began. That loud warning horn would stop anyone in their tracks.I was scared.We went down to the basement bathroom as we’ve always been taught (any lower level room with no windows), and we hunkered dow...  Read More
Resolution Revolution
on January 12th, 2021
I refuse!! I refuse to make any resolutions this year!  I will not expose myself to the public shame of my imminent failure for whatever I may falsely proclaim to be willing to accomplish. I will not promise to lose 50 pounds this year. I will not make any claims to stay on time with my sermons this year. I cannot guarantee I will always have the willpower to take my dogs for a walk every single d...  Read More
Hopeful Perspective
on January 6th, 2021
One of the things I’ve missed the most during this past year is going to the movies. Without fail, my family would all pile in the car and head to the theater to see the newest Disney film every June and November. It’s a tradition we all enjoy, so when it was announced that Soul would be available on Christmas day we knew we just had to watch it. It was so nice to be able to relax with my family a...  Read More
Having Peace in the Kingdom
on December 30th, 2020
Peace. What a simple word with such complicated undertones. When I think of peace, I’m thinking “peace and quiet;” no noise, no to-do list, no yelling, no fighting, no urgency, and absolutely no chaos whatsoever.When you think of peace, what comes to mind?I was listening to a podcast this morning and was reminded of the popular passage in Isaiah 9 concerning the Christmas story: “For to us a child...  Read More
Taking One for the Team
on December 22nd, 2020
We recently had a week in the office helping one another out in bigger ways than normal. What I really want to type right now is that we went the second mile without even thinking twice about it, and no one complained even a little bit. Yay, us! But alas, we’re subject to temptation, selfishness and whining and some of us might have been a little grumpy about pitching in. Okay, I was one of “some ...  Read More
Do Good
on December 15th, 2020
Recently my wife and I re-watched the entire series of Boy Meets World for at least the tenth time. Growing up in the 90s, I thought this was one of the best shows on television and now watching it as an adult, I know for a fact it is one of the best, if not the best, show. There are several reasons why this is such an amazing show: the content of the show was great, the life lessons in each episo...  Read More
Immerse: Messiah, Week 16
on December 8th, 2020
“Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come, and from the seven spirits before his throne, and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth.” – Revelation 1:4b-5I was playing a game of Monopoly with my 11-year old son the other day and it came time to count up all our assets to see who had the most...  Read More
Immerse: Messiah - Week 15
on December 1st, 2020
“Please,” “Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” and “I love you;” all are words we often use as part of our daily routine. You could probably add some of your own common phrases to this list. They are as ingrained in you as breathing, and while they do have meaning, more often than not that meaning gets diminished over time. They are said in passing to strangers and during some of the most important moments w...  Read More
Immerse: Messiah - Week 14, Day 66
on November 24th, 2020
Do I write about Thanksgiving or Christmas? This time of year is great because topic choices are so easy! But this week’s blog is on the gospel of John – which doesn’t have a) a lot of thankfulness or b) a Christmas story! So… no easy topics here. In fact, the gospel of John presents a very difficult-to-grasp kind of Gospel. Don’t get me wrong – it’s the same gospel message as the rest, but rather...  Read More
Immerse: Messiah - Week 13, Day 64
on November 17th, 2020
I told myself I wasn’t going to write about Hebrews 11. Everyone always writes about Hebrews 11. I think I’ve written about Hebrews 11 already this year. Do any other chapters in Hebrews exist?! It’s hard to say because we hear about Hebrews 11 all the time.I was set to write about James. I love the book of James. I literally had the entire book of James memorized a few years ago. In fact, here’s ...  Read More
ECC Phase 3 Reopening Guidelines
on November 13th, 2020
In a world that seemingly changes day by day, we have implemented some changes to our initial Phase Two reopening plan.  Please read through these carefully and note the specific changes that may apply to you and your family.1. Children’s Programming to expand beginning December 6 – This will cover programming for children from birth through 5th grade.  Here are some stipulations and guidelines re...  Read More
Immerse: Messiah - Week 12, Day 56
on November 10th, 2020
“His intentions were pure.”“His heart was in the right place.”“He meant well.”These are some of the phrases I have heard many times throughout my life, and I’m sure many of you reading this have heard these phrases or have even spoken them about someone at one time or another. We usually say them to our kids, or someone else’s kids because they were trying to help, but really were making things si...  Read More