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Reopening June 7 - Service times for June - 9:00am and 10:45am - Click the envelope for more details!
Core 52 Chapter 37 - Holy Spirit
on May 19th, 2020
Just over a year ago, the Marvel movie saga relating to the Avengers came to its climactic conclusion with Avengers: Endgame. This was a massive story arch that extended into well over 20 films during the past 10 years.  Several of the main characters had their own independent movies to tell their backstory, and one of those in particular is my favorite. Captain America, played by Chris Evans, tel...  Read More
Trading Fear for Freedom
on May 18th, 2020
He can be trusted and in his hands, we are free. We do not have to fear about tomorrow, or the years to come.  Read More
Faith of A Mustard Seed
on May 18th, 2020
It's amazing that a virus so small can change how our world thinks and operates.  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 36 - Eternal Security
on May 12th, 2020
What has four legs and quacks?A paradox!  (Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your servers!)Beyond the complete corniness of that joke, the word paradox is almost best defined by using the word paradox.  Here is what comes from dictionary.comParadox: noun. - a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.In this week’s r...  Read More
on May 12th, 2020
Asking for help isn't something that comes easy to me. You may feel the same way. I would prefer to just try to figure out the issue on my own, until I'm blue in the face and so frustrated that either I give up, or I sheepishly ask for assistance.  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 35 - Communion
on May 5th, 2020
Great Scott!  In one of the most iconic movie lines from the 1980s, Doc Brown, played marvelously by Christopher Lloyd in the hit movie series Back to the Future, takes the words right out of my mouth when I think about the beautiful storytelling and Christ-centered community that comes about when believers gather around the table to share in communion.Ironically, the storyline from that same movi...  Read More
First Things First
on May 5th, 2020
In order to have a grateful heart towards others, you must start with a grateful heart towards God.  Read More
Choose Joy!
on April 30th, 2020
When we allow ourselves to focus on Christ, and allow Him to have ultimate control, He alone provides us with joy, even in the darkest of times.  Read More
Core 52 - Chapter 34 - Worship
on April 28th, 2020
Sometimes we tend to make even the simplest things extremely complicated.  Life shouldn’t be so hard. Getting a cup of coffee, for example.  At one time, you could walk into a diner, sit down at the counter, wave your hand to get the attention of the waitress and say, “Cup of coffee, please.”  Within 30 seconds you had a hot cup of coffee and the creamers and sugar packets were within 18 inches of...  Read More
You are Clean!
on April 27th, 2020
It never fails, day after day, the laundry basket continues to pile up.   Read More
You are Safe!
on April 25th, 2020
When they are on base, they know that they are safe.   Read More
on April 23rd, 2020
Changing your clothes is necessary. Changing your hair style can be scary. Changing the way that you think, feel and act is often uncomfortable- awkward.   Read More





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