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Core 52 Chapter 46 - Mentoring
on August 12th, 2020
Paul.Barnabas.Timothy.Three distinct men. Three unique roles. Three specific needs.I don’t recall the first time I heard about the correlation with these three men and the model of discipleship they convey to us, but I have used it many times over the years in challenging others to find these people in their lives.  Everyone needs a Paul, a Barnabas and a Timothy.  Let me explain.Paul – teacher of...  Read More
Core 52 - Chapter 48 - Overwhelming Worry
on August 4th, 2020
This morning, on my way from my house to the church, I caught twelve red lights. Let me emphasize that again, TWELVE RED LIGHTS!! As you can imagine, the Lord and I had several conversations on that extended trip, most of them beginning with me pleading and whining, “Why Lord? Why can you not teach me patience some other way??”And yet, for every one of those stop lights, as I approached, whether i...  Read More
Core 52 - Chapter 49 - Humility
on July 28th, 2020
If you’ve ever visited a water park, you can easily picture the absolute joy they can bring. From a relaxing float down the lazy river, to the stomach dropping thrills of a water slide, there is nothing quite like it. When my kids were little we spent a lot of time in the splash pad. One of their absolute favorite things to do was to stand under the giant bucket that would slowly fill with water. ...  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 46 - Unity
on July 21st, 2020
This week’s theme passage led me to stroll down memory lane.  During a few different stints in my student ministry years, I used the name “ACE Student Ministries,” to help give some identity to the youth group and cast some vision among the students and leaders.The theme verse for this was the same as the one focused on by Mark Moore in this week’s reading, Ephesians 4:4-6: “There is one body and ...  Read More
Core 52 - Chapter 45 - Grace
on July 14th, 2020
I love gifts. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like gifts.  There is a thoughtfulness behind the gift. In most cases, the gift giver has put much thought into what the receiver of the gift might want or most need. The one giving the gift has sometimes gone to great expense to acquire the gift they hope to give. Many times, a gift like this is wrapped beautifully to bring joy to the...  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 44 - The Resurrection
on July 7th, 2020
If one were to ask the very same question regarding the Christian faith, there might be some debate, as well. Some might lean towards Genesis and the creation of the world and God’s full display of his omnipotence. Others would say the birth of Jesus as the savior of the world, Messiah, Redeemer. Some might look at the life of Christ – His teachings, miracles and works – as the most pivotal and influential. And there would even be a few who would point directly to Calvary and the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross that provided the atonement for the sins of the world. What a great debate – no matter what happens, we all win because these are indeed, great truths and foundational principles of Christianity. In my opinion, though, I would respectfully disagree with all of them...  Read More
ECC - Phase 2 Reopening Guidelines
on July 2nd, 2020
In a world that seemingly changes day by day, we have implemented some changes to our initial Phase Two reopening plan.  Please read through these carefully and note the specific changes that may apply to you and your family.1. Children’s Programming to resume beginning Sunday, July 5 – This will cover programming for children from 2 years through 5th grade.  Here are some stipulations and guideli...  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 43: Knowing God's Will
on June 30th, 2020
Growing up in Florida, I have had many different experiences with our natural nemesis – Hurricanes.  Every year from June through October it seems as if there is a renewal of an ongoing battle between the storms of the Atlantic and the east coast of Florida. Having spent most of that time living in the Northeast coastal area (from Daytona to Jacksonville), I seem to recall only a handful of storms...  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 43 - Radical Change
on June 23rd, 2020
As I write this, my wife has headed out of town for a quick getaway with some friends, leaving me behind to “hold down the fort.” As you can imagine, it will be complete anarchy and chaos in the Ramsey house for the next 24 hours.  Meals? How many times can you have pizza in a row? Sleep?  If the couch is good for naps, then it’s good for sleeping, too.  Dogs? Someone did let them back inside, rig...  Read More
Core 52 Chapter 41 - Freedom
on June 16th, 2020
When we trust the training provided by God’s Word, exemplified by His Son and emblazoned on our hearts by His Spirit, we then begin to see who we really are.   Read More
Core 52 Chapter 40 - God's Solution to Racism
on June 9th, 2020
At the end of all this is a simple observation. Racism is a sin; a sin rooted deeply in the hearts of sinful man. God’s plan is for people of every nation to come together under the name of Christ and bring glory and honor to God on His throne. This cannot be done if anyone operates under the worldview of self-exaltation over those around them. That would be in direct contrast to the hopes and desires of our Savior and Lord Jesus. It will not be resolved by ourselves. We cannot put our hope in the hearts of man.  Read More
ECC Reopening - Virtual Experiences
on June 6th, 2020
During the month of June, we will continue to offer online worship experiences for those who are not quite comfortable returning to large group gatherings yet. You can participate in our worship services with our online community during the 10:45am service.   Read More