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Reopening June 7 - Service times for June - 9:00am and 10:45am - Click the envelope for more details!

ECC Phase 3 Reopening Guidelines

In a world that seemingly changes day by day, we have implemented some changes to our initial Phase Two reopening plan.  Please read through these carefully and note the specific changes that may apply to you and your family.

1. Children’s Programming to expand beginning December 6 – This will cover programming for children from birth through 5th grade.  Here are some stipulations and guidelines regarding kids’ programming:
a) Based on current guidelines implemented by local authorities, schools and DCF, all children under 6 years DO NOT need to wear a mask, while all children 6 years and older DO need to wear a mask.. Children in our nursery, toddler and preschool rooms will NOT be expected to wear a mask, while all those (even if not yet 6) in our elementary room will be expected to wear a mask.
b.) Children’s Programming will be offered ONLY during the 10:30am worship service. Doors will open and check ins will begin at 10:15am. Please do not plan to arrive any earlier than this.
c.) For those with children younger than 2 years of age, we will have a nursery and toddler room available during the 10:30am service only – rooms 101/102. Rooms will be open for check in until 10:45am, then closed if not needed by that time.
d.) We will check temperatures prior to allowing children to check in. Please only send one parent to drop off or pick up your child. This will help with traffic and social distancing.
e.) Space limitations will be implemented in order to make appropriate efforts to practice social distancing. Our elementary room will max out at 30 total people (children and adults) in the room, preschool room will max out at 15 total people and toddler room max out at 8 total  people. Once a room reaches full capacity, it will be closed and no further children admitted.
f.) In our preschool room containing two year olds, ECC volunteers will NOT be changing diapers during this transitional time. Space will be made available for parents to do so prior to dropping of children. If a change of diaper is deemed necessary, then parents will be contacted via text during the worship service for them to take care of any necessary diaper changes. Please be prepared to use your own supplies including diapers, wipers and changing pad.

2. Sunday School – There will not be any Sunday School class meetings through the month of December. Until we return to one worship service, we are not able to offer two hours of programming at this time.  Leadership is looking at a plan to possibly return to this in January 2021.

3. Wednesday Programming – We are still suspending our Wednesday PM church-wide programming at this time.  Leadership is considering a plan to resume this in January 2021. Youth group, for students in 6th-12th grade, does meet on campus each Wednesday from 7:00pm-8:30pm.

4. Increased Building Usage – We are increasing the usage of our building both in frequency and in size limits.  Contact the church office for more details, but all groups (excluding SS classes) should be able to resume their regular meetings at this time. Room usage limitations have been increased (for example, the Fellowship Hall increased from 50 to 75) and daily usage restrictions have been removed. We are emphasizing a “self-policing” approach to both pre-cleaning and post-cleaning of rooms by groups. Remember, ALL participants will need to wear a mask while on the ECC campus and adhere to the local guidelines regarding social distancing.

5. Worship Center Seating Adjustment – We have made some changes to the seating arrangement in the Worship Center to allow for easier access to seats in the middle of rows. Aisles are now 3 ½ feet wide with plenty of room for people to pass by in front of each other.  This should open up more room for everyone to feel more comfortable sitting in the same space. However, this option has removed our ability to rotate seats.  Please understand if you attend the 10:30am service, you may be sitting in a seat that was occupied during the 9:00am service.  Note: The front row is always available to sit in. In fact, we would like to encourage people to make use of it so our late arrivers or guests don’t feel uncomfortable walking to the front when they arrive. Thanks for your help.

6. Communion – With our new seating adjustments, there are a few changes to how we will participate together in communion. Prepackaged communion cups will now be placed on every seat in the Worship Center.  When you are done with communion, please place your empty cup in the cup holder on the back of the chair in front of you. All trash will be cleaned up after our 10:30am worship service or you could assist us by removing your own trash when you leave the room.

7. Mandatory Masks – This policy has not changed. Based on the guidelines from our local authorities (Every person over the age of six (6) who is in a public space shall wear a face mask or covering when not able to engage in social distancing. we will make every effort to adhere to them and follow social distancing guidelines. As a reminder, ALL who attend worship on Sunday will need to have a mask on when they enter the building. Once you are able to maintain proper social distancing, you may remove it, if you feel comfortable doing so.

8. Printed Materials – We will continue offering a limited number of printed bulletins. They will be available at the Hospitality Booth in the lobby, and you can pick them up on your own.  We do encourage everyone to continue using all our digital platforms for those items, if possible.

9. Previous Guidelines still in place – All of the previously practiced guidelines regarding social distancing, offering, communion and fellowship will continue.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding through all of this.  Please continue to pray for us as we take each day one at a time trusting in God’s guidance and wisdom through all of this.

Remember, if at any point you feel uncomfortable or unsafe by worshipping in person with us on campus, we will continue to offer a LIVE online worship experience each week at 10:30 through the ECC Facebook page. We hope to see you – whether it be in person or virtually – this Sunday!

- Pete Ramsey